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For over 50 years, FWT has provided quality and innovation that is unrivaled within the global custom steel products industry. From transmission poles to communication towers, FWT offers a comprehensive line of products for the utility and telecommunications industries.

D2X_5382FWT began operations in 1959 and over the past five decades has expanded the product and services base from towers, poles, shelters and mobile solutions (Cell-On-Wheels) to utility product solutions. One major objective of this website is to provide information to help our partners assess their requirements and see the broad range of custom steel products that are available through FWT.

Decades of experience, superior organization, and expert technical capabilities are a few of the unique qualifications that support FWT as a preferred supplier of custom steel products.

While reliability and integrity have become hallmarks of FWT, the flexibility to provide every customer with first-class support, an attitude of constant innovation, and overall design and manufacturing expertise are what have kept FWT at the forefront of the global utility and communication structure industry.

FWT offers a comprehensive line of products that includes many styles of communication towers including monopoles, self-supporting towers, and guyed towers.  FWT also specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative specialty communication products such as disguised sites and COWs (communication-on-wheels).  Utility products include transmission and distribution poles, light-duty poles, angle-leg lattice towers, substation structures, prefabricated shelters, and exclusive PowerMount™ structures that allow antenna arrays on existing electrical transmission towers.

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